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Family History Ancestry and Genealogy Tour

Full Day Tour up to 4 guests £375 and 5-6 guests £420.

Ours is a county that has affected the world, “it is thought that around 250,000 people left Cornwall to go overseas between 1815 and 1920″. So wherever you live, you may have some Cornish family history! We offer a guided family ancestry and genealogy tour of Cornwall. A sightseeing trip, tailored to your specific family, with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore.

If you have ancestors that left Cornwall, these private tours are a perfect way to explore your family history. Some of our guests arrive with lots of information discovered while researching their family trees. Such things as: names of schools, roads, houses or even the mines their ancestors had once worked in, while others have just the name of a church or graveyard. We are able to help all who come to us. If you are interested in researching your Cornish heritage and walking in your forefathers’ footsteps, look no further than Cornwall Discovery Tours!

Over 30 million US citizens can trace their ancestry back to the 102 passengers and 32 crew onboard the Mayflower, which landed in Massachusetts in 1620. Maybe you would like to visit the famous Mayflower steps in Plymouth? Or visit the little known last port the Mayflower left from in Cornwall? A little local knowledge can go a long way in helping you discover the forgotten tales of your family. Contact us for more information.

Church of St Materiana Graves, Cornwall
Path to Gunwalloe, Cornwall
Cornish Tin Miners
Church of St Phillack, Cornwall
St Just's Church, Cornwall
Cornwall to Australia Emigration Poster, 1840s
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